Dear Esteemed Customer,

In recognition that the coronavirus pandemic has inflicted significant economic hardship upon the economy of Nigeria, we wish to tangibly demonstrate our steadfast support to our Customer base as well as to the country, in understanding that supply chain efficiencies are critical to the flow of essential goods during these unprecedented times.

With this in mind, we are happy to comply with the Nigeria Shippers Council’s request, in supporting the Nigerian business community. Effective from 30th March 2020 through to 3rd May 2020 we have agreed to waive demurrage for all containers which have been discharged in Lagos ports during this defined period. To this end, we will ensure that demurrage accrued during the above mentioned period is waived, which will be accounted for upon the return of applicable empty container(s).

Thank you for your support, and for using PIL as your Carrier of choice.

PIL Nigeria Ltd Management.