Dear Customers,
As we enter the new year, PIL is taking steps to reinforce our safety practices to protect our crew, ships and cargo.  
We would like to inform you that, with effect from the date of this notice, as part of PIL / carrier’s tariff, a charge of USD 30,000.00 per container globally will be imposed upon the shipper and/or consignee for any misdeclaration of dangerous and hazardous cargoes / goods (DG Goods). Misdeclaration includes but is not limited to incorrect/partial declaration, late declaration, alteration or omission of such declaration.
In addition to this charge, we wish to highlight that amongst others, the shipper and consignee will be held liable and responsible for all corrective measures, claims, fines, liabilities, losses, delays, damages or expenses arising in consequence of such misdeclaration. Please also refer to PIL’s bill of lading terms and conditions.
We also wish to highlight that failure to properly declare DG Goods constitutes a breach of contract which also violates the applicable law, endangers lives, causes significant economic losses and adversely affects the operations of the entire supply chain.
As such, we require our valued customers to correctly declare all DG Goods. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in our efforts to maintain a safe supply chain.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Pacific Nigeria Limited