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Serving more than 500 locations in 95 countries, with a focus on Asia-Africa and the Middle East

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Container Liner Services

We are committed to shipping our customers’ cargo in the safest and most efficient manner.

PIL’s operations now encompass services to many major hub ports around the world. PIL is always looking for opportunities to expand its network in global container shipping industry and has successfully entered into main line trades to Canada and America. In addition, PIL has a solid network of container liner services covering the whole of the Far East to Europe, the Black Sea, Canada, the Indian sub-continent, the Red Sea/Gulf, Africa, Oceania, Latin America and the West Coast of USA. PIL was one of the first few liners to provide a link from Asia and the Middle East, to Africa.


When a normal 40' container doesn't fit your needs…



Our dedicated team at Dangerous Goods Desk will give our customer’s shipments unceasing attention and manage them with priority



Shipping perishable goods e.g. fruit, fish, protein or other commodities in need of temperature control?