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1. General

1.1 What is Express Bill of Lading (B/L) / Seaway Bill?
It operates on similar principle as an airway bill i.e. goods are considered delivered as soon as they are tendered to the line. This is a very useful document when cargo has to be delivered immediately upon arrival at destination. This document can only be used when no bank negotiation is involved.

1.2 Can PIL accept freight payment elsewhere beside Port of Loading and Port of Discharge?
Yes, provided that origin shipper issue a notice to inform respective PIL office that freight and B/L to be collected at a certain PIL office. Cargo will only be released if PIL office at the place of freight payment confirms that freight has been fully paid.

1.3 Can frozen and chilled cargoes be carried in containers?
Yes, but cargoes must be in refrigerated or reefer containers.

1.4 Can Terminal Handling Charge (THC) incurred at destination be paid at Port of Loading?
THC forms part of local charges and to be paid at the respective port where the charges are incurred.

1.5 Do you service inland destinations?
To better meet your needs, PIL could arrange for inland haulage to service major inland destinations covered by our network on request. You could call PIL local offices for more information.

1.6 Do you accept shipment of dangerous cargo?
Yes, we do. Acceptance of such cargo will be in accordance with IMO (International Maritime Organisation) guidance. Please determine the IMO class of your cargo and refer to PIL local office for assistance. For general guidelines on the list of cargoes prohibited, you could refer to XX (hyperlink) in the website.

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2. Documentation

2.1 What is the procedure to take delivery of the cargo if I have lost my original B/L?
Cargo can be released at final destination through presentation of a Banker's Guarantee subject to mutual agreement from the shippers. Police report must be filed and advertisements placed in local newspapers or press publications for record purpose.

2.2 When is B/L available for collection?
As part of our customer-delight programme, PIL is committed to ensure that your B/L is ready for collection within one working day after vessel's departure if B/L drafts are submitted 24 hours prior to vessel's arrival at Port of Loading.

2.3 What will be the B/L issue date?
The B/L issue date will be the date vessel departs from the Load Port.

2.4 Can I amend B/L details after original B/L is issued?
Yes, subject to approval from customs at Destination Port if import manifest has been submitted to same. In all cases, original B/L must be returned to PIL office before amended B/L will be issued.

2.5 Can I have more than three original B/Ls issued?
Yes, PIL would be pleased to assist subject to shipper's or consignee's justification on such issuance.

2.6 Can B/L be issued to a third party at another location besides Port of Loading?
Yes, as long as PIL has office located at the intended place of issuance. Shipper must provide written notice in advance to PIL on such intention.

2.7 Can I include clauses on the original B/L?
Though PIL discourages such request, we would cater to special circumstances like requirement by Letter of Credit (LC).

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3. Export

3.1 After vessel had sailed from port of loading, can I request for a change of destination for my cargo?
PIL will try our best to assist. The request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is subject to port regulations. At some countries, port authorities discourage such change of destination for arrival cargo. If the request is accepted, original B/Ls must be returned to our office. Shipper or consignee must furnish Letter of Indemnity.

3.2 Can I ask for combined or split B/L after the cargo has arrived at destination?
Yes, and if the manifest has been submitted to the customs at destination, there will probably be penalty charges imposed by the customs which to be borne by the shipper or consignee.

3.3 Can I arrange for email-release cargo to the consignee?
You have to surrender original B/Ls and provide a letter of intent at the B/L issuance port or Port of Loading.

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4. Import

4.1 My cargo has arrived at destination port, but I wish to send them back to the Load Port. Is it possible?
Letter of indemnity from both shipper and consignee is required. Original B/Ls are to be returned to our office.

4.2 I have not received the original B/L yet, can cargo be released against a banker's guarantee?
Yes, subject to first-class bank issuing the banker's guarantee and consent from the shipper.

4.3 Can cargo be released against a company's guarantee or personal cheques in lieu of Banker's guarantee as in Q4.2?
Banker's guarantee is preferred in such case.

4.4 Can I re-use containers from import shipments for exports?
Yes. Such export must be shipped on PIL's vessel and our local offices be advised earlier.

4.5 When can I pick up the cargo?
You could pick up your cargo from the port or terminal after you have obtained the delivery order and release order from PIL local office at destination.

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5. Transhipment

5.1 Can I request to hold my laden containers at transhipment port?
The request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is subject to the regulations of the transhipment port. Usually, if the request is accepted, both shipper and consignee have to furnish Letters of Indemnity as well as be accountable for extra costs (if any).

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