Please ensure you observe the following conditions for terminal planning purposes:

 1. Please note that export FCL containers must follow strictly the export receival and cutoff timing (receival time: 10 days before vessel ETA. Cut off time: 24hrs before vessel ETA) for each expected PIL vessel as stated on the WACT vessel schedule online (on the WACT website).

 Any truck that arrive at WACT In-gate with export FCL outside their receival window will not be allowed entry.

 Subsequent change in vessel ETA will not affect the initial timing. This may however affect storage payment; therefore, notify your shippers immediately there is a change in vessel ETA to complete additional payment timely.

2. WACT storage payment must be made timely (before vessel ETA). No unit will be loaded on guarantee. No payment, no loading.

 3. All appropriate documentation (customs, NDLEA, DG manifest etc.) must be complete latest 24hrs before vessel ETA.

 4. Booking notification must be sent timely and must contain all the necessary details e.g. Container number, shipper, correct weight in KG, seal, POD, Actual POD name, Vessel, Commodity, booking  number etc.



Booking & BL Details, BL release and Cargo Release Documents –

  • Please complete, sign and submit the Booking Form to PIL Export Desk.
  • For offer to be acceptable, all required booking details must be provided by the Shipper/his Agent.
  • The booking details shall be the Provisional Shipping Instructions, S.I, pending the submission of the Final Shipping Instruction from the Shipper/his Agent.
  •  BL details
    [Shipping Instruction, S.I] must be advised during booking and the final amendment on the Shipping Instruction MUST be submitted 48 hours prior vessel Berthing with the complete Custom Clearance Documents, including Cargo Clearance  Notes from NDLEA, Federal Produce, SSS  and from other relevant Authorities.
  • Any further amendment(s) would attract a charge as indicated in PIL Nig charges Schedule.
  • Carrier/Carrier’s Agent takes no responsibility for wrong shipment details filled by Exporter and or his agent.
  • Carrier/her Agent would be INDEMNIFIED in the event of any claims, fines, penalties etc arising from submission of incorrect information advised by the Exporter and or his agent.
  • No exchange of Shipping Documents including OBL after 4:30 PM as PIL Export Documentation would be doing in-house activities as from 4:30PM daily; and therefore no direct dealing with customers as at 4:30 pm daily.
  • To reduce APMT Storage Charges, shippers/Agents are advised to deliver their FCL to APMT 72 hours prior vessel arrival.
  • The Container deposit would be refunded after the departure of the carrying vessel.

Equipment Release & Acceptance –

  • Shippers to check and confirm the condition and suitability of the container before packing.
  • Shipper/his agent to always refer to the plated capacity at the container right door for the container specifications to suit their packing plan

Shipper/his agent stuffing goods into the container would amount to ACCEPTANCE of the suitability of the container.

  • To avoid damage to the container floor-board and walls, shippers are advised to maintain due diligence in packing goods; especially goods like battery dust, battery lead, battery plates etc, which can leak corrosive liquid; and also, in bulk loading of goods like Metal Ingots and other metal products.
  • Any damage to the container floor-board and walls due to the nature and the mode of packing of goods would be at shippers account.
  • Shippers are not to pick container(s) on a vessel/voyage either already in port or departed from the port.
  • Shippers are given up to a period of thirty [30] days to ship out or evacuate the goods from the container(s) after which period PIL Nig Ltd would consider the goods abandoned and would make effort to recover the empty container(s) by evacuating the abandoned goods from the container(s) and disposing the goods  anyhow deemed fit.
  • The cost of the evacuation and disposal exercise would be at the shippers’ account.
  •  PIL Nig Ltd reserves the right to offset the cost of the evacuation and disposal exercise with the Containers Deposit made by the Exporter/his agent.
  • Line would not be liable to any damage to or loss of goods arising from the evacuation and disposal exercise.